Kal Jeni valley and canyon

Kal Jeni valley and canyon of khorasan

Kal Jeni is a very old valley, known to the natives as the Jinns Valley, located in the city of Tabas. Valleys and erosions of Tabas are Awesome and Hallucinatory. This valley is located 35 kilometers north of Tabas town and around the village of Ezmeyghan. The tunnels and holes in the walls of Kal Jeni valley date back to the Sasanian period. In the local language, the word KAL means valley.

Kal Jeni

Kal Jeni

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About Kal jeni's Path

The route is nine kilometers. Kal Jeni consists of a main Kal(valley) and auxiliary Kal. The original Kal starts from the palm tree and reaches the Ezmeyghan village. The water continues its way into the Qanat and leaves Kal. The wonderful wonders and the home of the Gabars start from this place.

Reasons to go to Kal Jeni:

First, the shape of the erosion and gaps in the valley have a unique beauty. This form has shown to geologists that the valley has been shaped by erosion and floods for thousands of years.

The second reason is that along the way, houses called Gabars were built in the heart of the walls. They were built for the Zoroastrians of that era. Along the way there are tunnel-like cavities that may have been the way to connect them. Interestingly, inside the cavities there was a deep well for access to water.

The third reason to see Kal jeni is the pond that encourages us to walk to the end of the route. The basin with a depth of 1.5 meters.Moreover another pure rock climbing experience at Kal Jeni is the sound of wind blowing in it.

Reasons for naming Kal Jeni

There are generally three reasons for researchers to choose the name of the valley,

The first being its mystery due to the appearance of its columns, arches and walls, and the villagers believe there is jinns in the valley.

The second theory implies that if a person stands on this valley on a stormy day, the jinns will be hit by rocks, of course, because of heavy winds, but locals believe the rocks They are thrown by Jinns.

The third reason is the presence of houses and tunnels in its walls, houses built by followers of Mehraini rituals to hold their Cheleh. Cheleh is the name of a religious ceremony in which people are completely isolated for 40 days and perform religious rituals. The followers of the religion have chosen the word Jeni In order to protect these tunnels and their homes from the arrival of others, they have chosen to terrorize them.

Best time to visit Kal Jeni

Due to the type of climate in Tabas, most of the autumn and winter seasons are recommended for tourism in Tabas and especially in this region. So that when the north and west cities are facing cold and snow, you will find the ideal heat in this area.

Access route to Kal Jeni

To get to Kal Jeni by the north road of the city and after passing by the Tabas Airport, turn right or east of the road off the main road and reach the valley site within about 5 km of dirt road. There are two routes to enter this valley. One end of the dirt road, which is actually the beginning of the valley, is connected to the mountain, and the other is the middle of the dirt road, which can be traversed through a rift created by erosion.

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